Artist’s Tales

1-ARTIST TALES-2012-DUNN_installation_1

Installation view 1

2-ARTIST TALES-2012-DUNN_installation_2

Installation view 2


Installation view 3

3-ARTIST TALES-2012-DUNN_installation_4

Installation view 4

4-ARTIST TALES-2012-DUNN_installation_3

Installation view 5

5-ARTIST TALES-2012-McCLURE_installation_1

Installation view 6

7-ARTIST TALES-2012-McCLURE_installation_2

Installation view 7

Artist’s Tales

Opened Saturday November 17, 2012 – Wednesday December 26, 2012

TThe Irvine Fine Arts Center is pleased to present Artist’s Tales, a group exhibition that portrays the work of four artists seen through a visual narrative that explores the world from the artist’s own vivid imagination. Each artist brings their own unique impression to the viewer through distinctive artistic styles drawing inspiration from childhood stories, fantasy, science fiction and their own lives. The exhibition will feature painting, drawing, sculpture, video and installation.

The artists in the exhibition, Erin Dunn (New York), Kristi Kent (Georgia), Nathan Margoni (Michigan) and Siobhan McClure (Los Angeles), have exhibited in California extensively and will be featured at the Fine Arts Center for the first time.

Erin Dunn will include a variety of media in her installation including paintings, drawings, sculpture and video.  Kristi Kent will also explore a variety of media spanning over four bodies of work created over the last ten years.  Nathan Margoni will create an interactive installation reminiscent of a carnival fun house. Siobhan McClure will be presenting a series of paintings for the exhibition.  Her complex narratives fully take in and challenge the viewer to a strange world in which only children reside.

The visitors to this exhibition will be treated to a visual splendor not unlike visiting an amusement park or a Halloween display.  The artist’s narratives are woven artistically through a personal storyline, surprising viewers at every turn.