Curatorial Exchange


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Curatorial Exchange

Opened Saturday September 8, 2012 – Saturday October 20, 2012

The Irvine Fine Arts Center is pleased to present Curatorial Exchange, a group exhibition focusing on the curatorial styles of twelve different curators whose diverse backgrounds will provide for an interesting mix of art and artists. The format of the exhibition provides each curator with an area that may include both walls and floor space, where each individual will curate their own mini-exhibition.

The show will fill the Fine Arts Center’s three unconventional gallery spaces which are defined as much by the intermingling of architectural features as by traditional doorways. The isolation of the many walls in the building will enable each curator to design distinct shows, accentuating the mix of curatorial styles in this unpredictably dynamic exhibition.

Participating curators include Doug Harvey (artists, art critic and independent curator), Michael Hanson (artist, professor of graphic design and curator), Micol Hebron (artist and curator at the Gugenheim Gallery at Chapman College and the Salt Lake City Art Center), Roger Herman (artist, professor of painting at UCLA and former owner of Black Dragon Gallery), David McDonald (artist and assistance director Daniel Weinberg Gallery), Paul Paiement (artist and former curator at Cypress College Gallery), Chris Pate (artist and co-curator of Rogue Wave exhibitions at LA Louver Gallery), Laurie Steelink (artist and director of Track 16 Gallery), Devon Tsuno (artist and independent curator), Rudy Vega (artist and curator), Inmo Yuon (artist and gallery owner) and H.K. Zamani (artist and owner/director of PØST).