Donnie Molls: Beyond

Donnie Molls, Beyond- installation 4

Installation view 1


Installation view 2

Donnie Molls, Beyond- installation 3

Installation view 3

Donnie Molls, Beyond- installation 5

Installation view 4

Donnie Molls: Beyond

Opened Tuesday March 22 2011 – Saturday May 14, 2011

Carl Berg Projects is pleased to present Beyond a new exhibition by Donnie Molls that continues his exploration of the California landscape. In his first major artistic journey into California’s High Sierras Molls uncovers the secrets of this mountainous landscape.  This exhibition will feature paintings, sculpture and video works that uncover a tale of mystery and visual splendor.

Molls a California native has explored its landscape for over a decade in an artistic expedition that has taken him from the California desert to its shores and now into California’s High Sierras.  Molls who owns a parcel of land bordering the Sequoia National Park, has used this wonderful landscape as his subject for a new series of works.

The high country is a wonderful and mysterious landscape where giant trees dominate.  Trees, the living sculpture of nature have become Molls’ most recent subject.  This series forms a cohesive body of work that includes trees as sculpture, and painting and videos that record a glimpse of this undiscovered nature.

While earlier works have hinted at the mysteries found in California’s hinterland Molls newest artistic endeavors fully embrace nature and the folklore often associated with it.  The forest is associated within the stories of many cultures whether a Grimm fairy tale or in stories of Sasquatch, the forest has often been seen as a mysterious and undiscovered territory.

In Beyond Molls embraces nature and seeks to unveil some of its mysteries with this new series sculpture, paintings and videos works.