Edge to Air


Richard Wilson


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Edge to Air

A survey of artists who work in two divergentbut related fields of abstraction

Opened Friday February 5 2015 to March 5 2015

Color field and hard edge painting are two divergent but related spheres of abstraction.  Both focusing on color and sometimes the interplay plays of colors these two deviating forms of abstraction come together to explore the relationship of color to the viewer. Optical phenomenon is at play creating illusion through the use of color and form.

Edge to Air explores the work of 15 artists who use of color that is inspired by a range a diverse ranges of sources and concepts.

Adam Berg, a Los Angeles-based artistreceived his PhD in Philosophy, University of Haifa, Israel in 2008and also studied art and architecture in Italy and Canada.

Berg has a diverse practice that employs a wide range of methods all of which are fused through an interplay of images, codes and imaginary transformations.  Berg explores color through reflection capturing the images from its surroundings on the multifaceted reflective highly polished stainless steel surfaces.

Quan Dang was born in Saigon, Vietnam and currently lives in southern California where he received a BFA in Painting & Drawing Otis College of Art and Design in 2004.

Dang is a multidisciplinary artist whose paintings are inspired by advertisements and product design. They reflect the carefully chosen colors that inspire the viewer to respond though an intense interplay of color and form.

Mara De Luca was originally east Coast based, where she received a BA from Columbia University, Department of Visual Arts, New York.  Shortly after De Luca moved to Berlin the ncame to southern California to attend Cal Art where she received her MFA in2004.

De Luca’s artwork in painting is a reflection on contemporary culture expressed though a diverse and project-driven approach to the medium. Whether through an exploration of historical conventions or by way of mimicking contemporary digital imaging tropes, she employs and exploit the complex range of the medium: its diverse genres and theoretical constructs as well as material, process and craft.

Tom Dowling is a southern California-based artist whose work of the last 30 years has a personal thread that weaves it together into a fabric that take both of the “High” and “Low” in art. Dowling received his MFA from UC Irvine where he studied under many wonderful artists including his mentor Tony DeLap.

In his most recent paintings Dowling’s artworks are deliberately pared down to their basic elements, resulting in impeccable design that bridges reductive aspects of modern art with the simplification and “form follows function” aspects of modern architecture.

Mieke Gelley is a southern California-based artist who is originally from The Netherlands. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague where she received her MFA.

Her work shows affinities to “post-minimalism” in forms, geometries,even some of the deadpan iconic shapes of late modernism, but without the scale, self-seriousness and grand thematic reach that is often embodied in that work.  Her artwork offers a reduced pallet in which color and field play an important role although with much more subtlety than other painters in the exhibition.

Teresa Iaria is an Italian-based artist whose work focuses on the interaction between different languages and their codes. She will present both video and sculpture-based works that interpret the core for the potential unfolding of images as sort of color cryptograms that are visualized as abstract concrete and atmospheric forms.

Dion Johnson is originally from Ohio and moved to Los Angeles to attend Claremont Graduate University where he received his MFA in 2000.

Johnson’s paintings combine and explore dynamic opposites:expansiveness and compression, darkness and light. His abstract works uses color to evoke the contemporary urban, digital and natural landscape of Southern California, and skews the vocabulary of abstraction into a hybrid techno-language.

Andy Kolar, Los Angeles-based, move from Iowa to attend Cal State Long Beach where he received his MFA in 2007.

Kolar’s abstract painting and sculptures is intentionally positioned between representation and abstraction, a place where the simplified shapes are approaching abstraction but also maintain a legible reference. By reinterpreting various types of visual information, from images to actual physical objects, he suggests a seemingly reductive situation where expectations of formal balance and aesthetics are contradicted.

John Monn moved to California from Virginia where he received a BFA from James Madison University in Virginia in 2004.

His paintings exist between atmosphere and surface. In his new body of work plastic ammunition is aggressively thrown onto the canvas to form shot-pattern abstractions frozen in time. Each panel has its own unique patterns and characteristics enclosed within epoxy.

Ruth Pastine originally from New York now lives in Ojai, where she continues to explore and evolve the concept of Minimalist theory. Pastine received a MFA from Hunter College, University of New York in1993.

Through her work,color and light are reduced to their most elemental form; thousands of tiny brush strokes appear visually seamless, producing an image that is both objective and dematerialized. Challenging our preconceptions, Pastine explores the subtle character of color.

Pastine’s manipulation of color, light and matter questions the visual experience and redefines the perceptual field.

 Yong Sin, born in Korea, now resides in San Pedro. She received her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in 1995.

Sin’s creates minimal pattern based works that displays a process that is linear and transparent.The works are visually recognizable but contain a shifting and unpredictable perspective. The simple becomes unexpectedly elaborate; the ordinary metamorphose into distinctiveness. The goal is to create work that is inherently distinctive and belies its repetitiveness.

Carolee Toon is a southern California based artist and received an MFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California in 1987.

Toon is well known for her color field paintings in which she challenges the tradition by creating world that are both painting and sculpture.

She paints on plywood panels slightly rounding the edges of these otherwise perfect wooden sheets. This creates an inconsistency to the plane of the color field moving the work back and forth between field and edge and painting and sculpture

Richard Wilson is a northern California based artist and received his MFA from San Jose State University and has exhibited wide in both northern and southern California.

Wilson’s work is informed by a kind of equilibrium between what he see as “human nature” and“landscape nature.”  Therefore he uses rectilinear/ architectural form combined with light, color and atmospheric effects.

His paintings are inspired by the surroundings in Northern California, by strong memories of my grandparents’ flower farm, the climate and color of the Santa Cruz coastline where he grew up, by the evocative qualities of music, particularly the rhythms of jazz, and most recently the reminiscences of childhood trips on Route 66.

Wilson’s relief paintings were developed to focus clearly on measurements and the visual effects created by area, amount, degree, length,depth, width, size and number.  He wants each panel to be beautiful, not only in relation to it’s place in the linear contour, but also in itself. The painted edges and the change of planes employed in the work renders the viewing all at once impossible, which allows the paintings to unfold in time and space like music in the landscape.

Gary Zymanski is a Los Angeles based artist whose playful abstractions are at once mischievous and challenging, Szymanski’s colorful grids are visual feasts that provide the viewer with surprising thrills.

His palette often references pop colors, which he combines in unconventional threesomes that play with the eye. There is an undertone ofhumor in these works that differentiates them from the some approach to most hard edge painting.

Edge to Air is abroad-based exhibition that explores color field painting and hard edge painting and how these different movements in painting intersect and overlap.

It also searches how these artists expand the notion of what these two realms are by means of various conceptual and visual interpretations.