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Opened Saturday January 31 2015 t - Saturday March 14, 2015

Skip Arnold • Joshua Aster • Claire Baker • Steven Bankhead • Barbara Berk • David DiMichele • Danny First • Gerald Giamportone • Roger Herman • Matthew May • Agapito Miniucchi • Donnie Molls • Nathan Redwood • Mira Schnedler • Jay Stuckey • Chris Trueman • H.K. Zamani

ges·ture \ˈjes-chər, ˈjesh-\ (Merriam-Webster)
: a movement of your body (especially of your hands and arms) that shows or emphasizes an idea or a feeling
: something said or done to show a particular feeling or attitude

Arena 1 is pleased to present ges·ture, curated by Carl Berg.
The exhibition brings together artists who use movement in painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, video and performance, and focuses on how they explore gesture in their artwork.

Movement in art dates back thousands of years, to prehistoric cave paintings, and throughout history, its expression continues to be explored.

This exhibition uncovers the essence of movement in art as revealed by these artists who employ various techniques to explore the idiom in their work.
Arnold, Berk and Giamportone apply a performative approach to gesture through film, painting and drawing. Aster, Baker, Bankhead , First, Redwood, Schnedler, Stuckey, Trueman and Zamani explore gesture in paintings using oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas and linen, acrylic on Yupo, and acrylic on polyester. Roger Herman explores gesture through mixed process of printmaking and painting. DiMichele and Molls, both capture movement through non-typical methods in the photographic process. Miniucchi explores movement through line both in drawings and sculptural works. May explores movement through ceramics, finding gesture in a technique usually regarded as static.

Each artist discovers his or her own methodology to capture movement in their work.

New methods of investigating movement has been a constant in art making throughout its history and ges·ture seeks to continue this exploration through the eyes of seventeen contemporary artists who each use a particular process to uncover such gesture.