Heavy Metal


Installation view 1

Left to right: Lynn Aldrich, Daniel Hawkins, Optics Division/Metabolic Studio, Lauren Bon


Installation view 2

Left to right: Optics Division/Metabolic Studio (Lauren Bon, Tristan Duke, Richard Nielsen), Lauren Bon


Installation view 3

Left to right: Lauren Bon, Pontus Willfors, Antoni Stutz, David DiMichele


Installation view 4

Left to right: Antoni Stutz, David DiMichele, Douglas Tausik Ryder


Installation view 5

Left to right: David DiMichele, Lauren Bon, David Tausik Ryder, Daniel Hawkins


Installation view 6

Left to right: Pontus Willfors, Jeff Colson, Peter Shelton, Andrew Schoultz


Installation view 7

Pontus Willfors, Jeff Colson, Peter Shelton (wall), Douglas Tausik Ryder


Installation view 8

Ewerdt Hilgemann, Jeff Colson, Adam Berg Tim Ebner (wall), Tim Hawkinson

Heavy Metal

February 22 - April 11, 2020

Lynn Aldrich, Adam Berg, Lauren Bon, Jeff Colson, David DiMichelle, Tim Ebner, Daniel Hawkins, Tim Hawkinson, Ewerdt Hilgemann, Metabolic Studio, Optics Division (Lauren Bon, Tristan Duke & Richard Nielsen), Donnie Molls, Douglas Tausik Ryder, Andrew Schoultz, Peter Shelton, Antoni Stutz and Pontus Willfors

Heavy Metal is a group exhibition featuring the works by 17 contemporary artists whose works is made from various types of metal. Although most of the works in the exhibition are not made from actual “heavy metals”, the nature of the artwork conveys an expressive freedom and rawness that finds itself akin the “Heavy Metal” music.

Outdoor sculpture is not normally thought of as expressive or experimental often limited by the process itself, historically being relegated to historical monuments. 

The artists in this exhibition work through numerous processes to create provocative sculpture pushing the limits of the various techniques. As a result unusual forms are produced maintaining a spontaneity that is often lost on traditional outdoor sculpture. The artwork are placed in the gallery context creating yet another layer of interaction. Most sculpture shown in contemporary galleries are often not suited to be placed outdoors so an interior exhibition that focuses on metal sculpture creates an unusual dichotomy between the sculpture and the space.

The exhibition presents a fresh look at metal sculpture that exhibits the  freedom and rawness normally associated with sculpture based on non-traditional materials.