IMPRESSION installation view -monotypes

Installation view 1


Installation view 2


Installation view 3


Installation view 4


Installation view 5


Installation view 6


Opened Saturday March 9, 2013 – Saturday April 20, 2013

The Irvine Fine Arts Center is pleased to present Impression a group exhibition that focuses on different artistic practices in the realm of printmaking. Etching, aquatint, lithography, monotypes, silkscreen and specialized patented printing processes were used to make the variety of works in the exhibition.  Impression will coincide with a solo show of hybrid prints by Mara de Luca that she created as part of the Fine Arts Center’s new artist-in-residence program.

Impression will include prints from three different sources including monotypes that were created the Fine Arts Center’s own print studio, prints from established print studios in Los Angeles and as well as prints from individual artists.

As part of the exhibition, The Fine Arts Center invited 22 artists to create monotypes over the period of one day in the Fine Arts Center’s print studio.  The artists included are Barbara Berk, Tanya Brodsky, Carla Danes, David DiMichele, Samantha Fields, Mieke Gelley, Ashley Hagen, Nguyen Le, David Lloyd, Jared Millar, Gary Paller, Claudia Parducci, Carrie Paterson , Ethan Rice, Milada Pisonchikova, Mira Schnedler, Chris Trueman, Devon Tsuno, Jessika Wood, Andre Yi, Inmo Yuon and H.K. Zamani.

The exhibition will also feature prints from some of Los Angeles renowned print studios including works from Cirrus Editions, El Nopal Press and Mixografia. Cirrus Editions will feature prints by Mark Bradford, Matthew Brannon, Joe Goode, Dennis Hollingsworth, Glenn Kaino, William Leavitt, Kori Newkirk and Jonas Wood. El Nopal Press will include prints by Anita Bunn, Victor Estrada, Gronk, Ruben Ortiz-Torres and Analia Saban. Mixografia will feature prints by John Baldesarri, Joe Goode and Ed Ruscha.

A variety of prints from southern California based artists Mieke Gelley, Roger Herman, Dan McCleary, Jared Millar and Milada Pisonchikova will also be included in the exhibition.