Nathan Margoni


Installation view 1


Installation view 2

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Installation view 3


Installation view 4


Installation view 5

Nathan Margoni

Thursday May 26, 2011 – Friday July 8, 2011

Carl Berg Projects is pleased to present “PULL ME,” Nathan Margoni’s first Los Angeles exhibition. Margoni is a 2009 graduate of SUNY Purchase College in New York, where he received an MFA in sculpture.

In this new installation, a uvula with the words "PULL ME" lures viewers into the mouth of a giant monster-head; a cavernous space decorated with strings of saliva and chunks of half-digested food. The work is the latest in a series of interactive monstrosities that Margoni began making in 2007.  Of these, “PULL ME” is the first sculpture that viewers can walk inside and through.

When viewing a Margoni sculpture, it evokes memories of carnival funhouses, scary rides in a theme park and horror movies. It brings the viewer into an otherworldly experience, transporting them into another time and space, frightening at first, but somehow familiar at the same time. It’s the familiarity of a childhood fairytale, where mysterious creatures reside and the impossible becomes possible.

Margoni states: “… I am using my art as self-help. My strategy is to reconcile the things I am most afraid of with the things I am most comfortable and familiar with, thus becoming comfortable with fear… so comfortable that I laugh in its face.”

Through his wonderful display of craftsmanship, Margoni makes the unreal real, bringing the viewer into his alternative reality. The viewer gets a glimpse into the artist’s subconscious, where his fears and thoughts are exposed and woven into the fabric of the sculpture.