Role Reversal

ROLE REVERSAL installation view 1

Installation, view 1

ROLE REVERSAL installation view 4

Installation, view 2

ROLE REVERSAL installation view 3

Installation, view 3

ROLE REVERSAL installation view 5

Installation, view 4

ROLE REVERSAL installation view 6

Installation, view 5

Role Reversal

Opened Tuesday September 6 – Tuesday October 18, 2011

Mount Saint Mary’s College is pleased to present Role Reversal, an exhibition of 13 Los Angeles- based artists, whose artistic practice navigates between the world of creating and curating art. This exhibition is curated by Carl Berg who developed the concept for this exhibition over a decade ago and found that the newly remodeled Jose Brudis-Biada Art Gallery at Mount Saint Mary’s Challon Campus would be, in his own words, “the ideal venue” for this exhibition.

The participating artists/curators and their corresponding venue/exhibitions included are Robert Gunderman (ACME), Doug Harvey (Chain Letter, LA Weekly Biennial as well as many other exhibitions), Micol Hebron (Salt Lake City Art Center), Roger Herman (Black Dragon Gallery), David McDonald (Carl Berg Gallery), Christopher Miles (Thing, Hammer Museum), Paul Paiement (Cypress College Art Gallery), Christopher Pate (Rogue Wave, LA Louver), Max Presneill (Torrance Art Museum, Raid Projects), Tyler Stallings (UC Riverside Sweeney Art Gallery, Culver Center for The Arts), Laurie Steelink (Track 16 Gallery), Inmo Yuon (Inmo Gallery) and HK Zamani (PØST).

The practices of art making and curating are closely related but it is rare that one individual exercises both of these roles professionally. This exhibition seeks to explore the relationship between these two practices and how the role of curator and artist are similar and how they differ.

Since many artists have curated exhibition(s) in their art career, particularly as students, Berg wanted to set-up a more specific criteria in selecting the artist/curators for this exhibition. The most important criteria being that each participant in Role Reversal should be recognized as an arts professional both as an artist and as a curator and continue to practice in both fields.

The exhibition will include artworks from each artist/curator and catalogs of exhibitions they curated and other ephemera from exhibitions they have curated and organized. A panel discussion with the curator and selected artists will also will be included as part of this exhibition. Links to artists’ and venue website will be made available for further exploration into these artists work and their curatorial practice.